Defending a Nation: Canada and the Korean War

Defending a Nation: Canada and the Korean War

June 25, 2013 – December 1, 2013

Exhibition Details

Canada devotes a significant amount of attention to its living veterans from the Second World War, and to that conflict in general, but those from the Korean War have not been given the full recognition that they deserve.

This exhibit will tell the story of the major battles that Canadians were involved in during the war in their context as a United Nations mission and as part of the Cold War, and the stories of the major Canadian units that served there.

A key component of the exhibit will be audio and video interviews with Korean War veterans telling their stories in their own words. The exhibit will be tri-service, including information on the involvement of the navy, the army and the air force.

Souvenirs, firearms, uniforms, medals groups and high quality art will be presented, including items related to the Canadian commander of the 25th Canadian Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General John Rockingham, and the only individual taken prisoner from the air force, Squadron Leader Andrew MacKenzie.