Taras Polataiko: DEFIANCE

DEFIANCE features Ukrainian-Canadian artist Taras Polataiko, whose critique of cultural representation is in reaction to political instability attributed to the historic and current Russian aggression in Ukraine. Through video, painting, sculpture, photography and text, Polataiko revisits the ubiquity of Russian-Ukrainian conflict associated with land, language, migration, independence, historical revisioning and cultural genocide. Each artwork is […]

To Oldman River: New Additions to UCalgary’s Military Collection

To Oldman River showcases significant new material in UCalgary’s Libraries and Cultural Resources’ holdings at The Military Museums (TMM). The exhibition includes firearms, uniforms, medals, relics and archival film from the mid 1800s through to the First World War, encompassing a massive swath of Alberta’s military history. Artefacts and archives from some of Alberta’s most celebrated […]

A Uniform Coat of Many Colours: Military Immigrants in Alberta

A Uniform Coat of Many Colours: Military Immigrants in Alberta explores and presents diverse stories of immigrants in Alberta, who have undertaken military service in their countries of origin. Organized by The Military Museums, The Founders’ Gallery has collaborated by curating art components to visualize some of the compelling stories from around the world. The […]

Currencies of Conflict: University of Calgary Collections at The Military Museums

Currencies are much more than monetary denominations. As means of establishing value that can circulate, exert influence, and be exchanged, currencies are influential concepts that also depict and precipitate conflict. Exemplifying this territory through the University of Calgary’s role at The Military Museums, Currencies of Conflict presents an astounding range of art and artefacts spanning […]

Tensile Strength: Weavers and War

Tensile Strength: Weavers and War showcases intriguing forms of carpet-making known as Afghan War Rugs. Mounted to coincide with the twentieth anniversary of 9/11, and curated by Michele Hardy, PhD, all exhibits come from the textile holdings at Nickle Galleries, University of Calgary. These iconic forms of material culture first appeared after the Soviet invasion […]